Hanty Panty

How to make handmade underwear

Do you like sewing?
Have you made your undergarment by your own?
Handmade clothes are very cute. Making is not so difficult.
I provide you how to make "hanty".
Hanty of hanky

What is hanty?

Hanty is a pair of panties for ladies. It is made of a handkerchief.
So I named it Hanty.

This is a hanty.
Hanae Mori

There are two hanties.
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A handkerchief becomes a hanty.

If your hips are big, don't worry. You needn't use handkerchief.
When you have mastered know-how, you can make various garments of any cloth.

I also make non-handkerchief garments.
Stretch cotton (e.g. T-shirt fabric) is good for garments.


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Honey is a mascot character of Hanty.
She puts on hanty of the rest of Dayan.


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